We have over 25 years of diverse and complimentary real estate industry experience!

Jeff Howell, President

With over a decade as a real estate attorney and broker, Jeff manages operations and investor relations. 

Kasey Loll, CEO

Kasey has extensive experience with large and small scale rehab projects across the Southwest and Texas. A true "people person," he keeps projects on track, on budget and on time! 

Wendy Loll, Vice President

As our operations manager, Wendy is a real pro. She keeps us organized and up to date on all project timelines and deadlines.  


Our passion shines through in every project. We pride ourselves on results and our clients love our insight and hands-on approach. We are driven to complete projects with integrity and create immediate equity, while having fun in the process! 


Our core values include absolute transparency, integrity and due diligence and we strive to respect those ideals at all times. We work closely with clients and believe that quality beats quantity any day. With our boutique approach, clients enjoy the level of attention that they deserve! 


We offer bespoke fee structures that allow per project flexibility and often times gives IES Build "skin in the game" so we raise the bar on our involvement, efficiency and end product. We'll provide pro-formas and comparisons that show savings and how our approach creates immediate equity in your project. 


We Are Ready To Take Your Project To The Next Level


  • 20k Sq.Ft. Medical Office Rehab

    • $1mm rehab project including roof, electrics, HVAC, interior walls and supports.

    • Lease up, property management and sale out.


  • Dallas Metro MF Rehab

    • $2.1 million dollar increase in asset value

      • $6.5mm Acquisition Exit Value - $8.6mm

      • 151 Units | 3 Stories | Built 1984

      • Turn Time: 18 mos.

      • $65k -> $85k monthly income

  • 14 unit Multi-family project

    • Value add project required multiple unit rehab, in addition to pushing rent to market rates, which added significant value to sales price.


  • Dallas Metro MF Rehab

    • $1.2 million dollar increase in asset value

      • $1.5mm Exit Value - $2.7mm

      • 97 Units | 2 Stories | Built 1984

      • Turn Time: 24 mos.

      • $23k -> $46k monthly income

We provide free project evaluations and quotes with no obligation!