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Residential Electric Tips


Fuses exist to protect an electrical circuit. Any time a too much power runs through a wire, a tiny piece of metal inside the fuse will burn through. One the fuse has been “blown,” power cannot continue to run through the wire.

Oftentimes, it is not possible to diagnose a blown fuse even when the fuse top is made of glass. This is because the tiny metal piece is often covered. The best way to handle a fuse that you suspect is blown is to replace it anyway. Once replaced, the power may come back on. If so, that’s great. If not, calling an electrician to troubleshoot the issue is your best next step.

Smoke Detectors:

Smoke detectors are life-saving safety devices that should be in every home. Occasionally, smoke detectors begin to “chirp.” In the worst cases, a smoke alarm may sound its alarm non-stop for no reason.

Tips if you experience chirping or alarm going off for no reason:

In the case of a battery-powered device, you can take the battery out and replace it yourself. Nine times out of ten replacing the battery will solve the issue. However, if the issue continues, you may need to replace the smoke detector.

For 120 Volt hard-wired smoke detectors, you can test the circuit breakers by turning them off one by one until the chirping or alarm stops. Once you identify the circuit that the smoke detector is on, you can then turn on all the breakers except the one with the smoke detector. When a hard-wired smoke detector begins to chirp or the alarm sounds for no reason, you will likely need to replace the detector.


Make sure your dimmer is the right one for your use. Low-voltage lighting, paddle and ceiling fans, or any kind or motorized unit requires a special dimmer for that purpose.

Make sure you never exceed the wattage recommendations for the dimmer. Regular dimmers are usually rated for a 600 watts max. For example, 600 watts is equal to (10) 60 watt lightbulbs, or (6) 100 watt bulbs.

If you need more wattage, you can always purchase a higher wattage dimmer or multiple dimmers to meet your needs.


Here are some reasons why bulbs may burn out very quickly:

Bulb Wattage

Commonly, the bulb wattage may be too high. For example, most lighting fixtures with glass covers have a maximum recommended rating of 60 watts per bulb. Many times, people use much higher wattage bulbs in these fixtures than recommended, like 75 or 100 watts. Improper wattage causes bulbs to burn out much quicker than necessary. Using the correct bulb wattage in fixtures can save you money on bulbs, but more importantly, the hassle of have to change them out all the time.

Bulb Quality

Poor-quality light bulbs are more common than you may think. By using recognized bulb brands, you may pay a bit more upfront, but that cost usually translates to quality that you can count on. Again, the longer your bulbs last, the less expense and hassle you will have in changing them out and troubleshooting in the long-run.

Light Fixture Problems

Many times we have seen inexplicable problems with light fixtures. Even when to fixture looks functional, an electrician may not even be able to diagnose any issues. In this case, if you have already checked the wattage and tried a major brand bulb, you are better off replacing the light fixture all together.

Lights Dimming

Sometimes lights will dim off and on for a few seconds and then return to complete brightness again. This can happen when a light is connected to the same wires or circuit that provides power to a major appliance or microwave. This dimming effect occurs because the appliance drains the power when it starts up, but will then regulate and balance the power once it gets going.

This dimming effect may or may not bother you. If it does, you may want to speak to an electrician about adding an additional circuit to handle the appliance that is causing the dimming.

WARNING: If you haven’t changed or added anything electrical and dimming issues appear, there could be a loose wire in the circuit. This could be a very dangerous situation and requires a professional electrician to troubleshoot and correct the issue.

Humming Lights

Humming lights may be caused by:

A bad ballast or transformer. In this case, you may need the help of a professional electrician to diagnose the issue as well as replace the bad ballast or transformer.

Sometimes humming can occur due to a difference between a low-voltage dimmer and the light fixture is controls. Dimmer issues can be difficult to diagnose, so the best option may be to experiment with different dimmers in hopes of finding one that does not cause the lights or transformer to hum.

Tripped Circuit Breaker or GFCI

A circuit breaker system is designed to “trip” or shut off anytime you are trying to pull too much current through the circuit. This system is designed to prevent dangerous situations that may be caused of overloading your system in this way. When you turn off a circuit breaker, the flow of electricity through an electrical circuit is interrupted and stops. This is so it can eliminate the potential danger from turning into a fire hazard or other emergency situation.

If your circuit is “tripping,” you should first look to determine what exactly is the cause. If you do not find an overloaded circuit, look for old or frayed cords that may be shorting out the circuit. If you do not find either of these, you can also check to see if there is a ground fault. A ground fault occurs when the “hot” or black wire come into contact with the “ground” or copper wire or some other metal. If you are having these issues, you may want to call a professional electrician to help you troubleshoot and repair the issue.


In case of storms, follow these simple safety rules:

  • Outlets or electrical cords submerged in water may pose a serious and even lethal threat.

  • Do not use electrical appliances that have gotten wet. These appliances need to be reconditioned by a qualified technician or recycled as there is danger in using them.

  • Never connect a generator directly to your household wiring. Call on a qualified, licensed electrician to do the installation for you.

  • Keep generators dry at all times.

  • Follow the generator manufacturer’s guidelines regarding load from appliances and use of extension cords.

  • Do not overload your generator’s maximum capacity.

  • Do not operate your generator in areas that are enclosed or partially enclosed. Like other motors, generators can produce high levels of carbon monoxide and become deadly very quickly!


The fact is that electricity is extremely dangerous!

Electrical issues are the leading cause of both residential and commercial fires. Therefore, it is important to troubleshoot faulty electrical systems immediately.

The truth is that attempting to figure it our or repair it yourself just isn’t worth the risk. Every year there are hundreds of deaths in the United States alone from electrocution, many of these are caused by damaged wiring or wiring that is exposed.

So how can you protect yourself? 

  • If you have no experience with electricity or electrical circuits, you are best staying away from them and calling in a professional electrician. Unlike most DIY projects, where an attempt may make matters slightly worse than they were, where electricity is concerned, there is a real risk of serious injury.

  • Be aware of your circuit breakers. If they are flipping often it may mean there is something overloading the circuit. You may have too many high amp appliances drawing on your circuit, but the problem may have nothing to do with anything you have control over. Again, in these situations, it is best to call in a professional electrician.

  • Anytime you have doubts about your electrical systems, call in a professional to audit and troubleshoot your system. Electrical work in complicated and dangerous and it requires serious training to do correctly and keep everyone safe!


Our mission is to create immediate equity for owners and investors in every project. We do this by protecting you from price gouging and unnecessary cost over-runs. We combine our extensive building and transaction experience with wholesale pricing to deliver the highest value for our clients. 

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