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Make your bathroom an oasis or tranquility.

Why shouldn’t your bathroom be like your own personal spa? A place for you to find peace after at the beginning or end of your day. Depending on the vintage of your home, bathrooms can be cramped, outdated and uninspiring. IES Build would love to work with you to get you everything you want in your bathroom.

Outdated bathrooms are perfect projects to start over and re-design. We can work with you to expand the size of your bathroom, update the shower and/or tub, fixture, lighting and flooring with a more modern feel. Bring us your vision and dreams from your favorite social media and our experienced contractors can turn those dreams into reality. With access to building materials and options at almost every price point, you can get the space you want without breaking your budget.

Bathrooms are your private place!

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Looking for a beautiful bathroom that serves as your oasis of tranquility? IES provides innovative design-build services and exceptional results in a bathroom remodel. No matter what your vision, IES works as your partner to make it a reality!

We pay attention to details including bathroom vanities, shower and/or tub installation, flooring and lighting and strive to exceed your expectations.

Our preferred contractors work with you to transform your bathroom into a space that you will love for years to come!

We understand that your bathroom is important to you and that your decision to renovate is based on your own vision and style as well as budget. That’s why we work with you from the start to create a plan for your project and build on that plan with all of your needs and budget taken into consideration.

Remodeled bathrooms can be a great investment that ultimately increases the re-sale value of your home, and the enjoyment you will get until you decide to sell can be priceless!

Our bathroom remodeling services include:

  • Vanities

  • Showers and/or Tub installation

  • Flooring installation

  • Lighting installation

  • Much more!

Why Use a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

Bathroom remodeling can be a complex project that requires a great deal of knowledge and coordination. Re-designing and upgrading a bathroom is often just too much for the average do-it-yourselfer and attempting to manage the project yourself can be a giant headache for the uninitiated. The truth is that a bathroom remodel requires hiring multiple different contractors that must be coordinated, which is a time consuming challenge on its own. Hiring a remodeling contractor with the skills and experience necessary to handle these projects will take all of that burden off of you and ensure a quality result without jeopardizing your sanity.

Why Choose IES BUild for Bathroom Remodeling?

At IES Build, we work with you and our own preferred contractors to minimize the costs of a bathroom remodel while at the same time maximizing the quality of the result. We have extensive experience in working with all the trades and services necessary for any remodeling project, including bathrooms.

There are many elements to executing a bathroom remodel, below are a few that we manage:

  • Assisting with planning, designing, lay-out, and materials selection

  • Selection, purchase and installation of vanities

  • Selection, purchase and installation of showers and/or tubs

  • Selection, purchase and installation of toilets

  • Selection, purchase and installation of floors

  • Selection, purchase and installation of lighting

  • Applying for permits and inspections

Installing new elements to a bathroom may involve complex plumbing and electrical issues that require a deep understanding of local codes as well as practical aspects of remodeling such as timing and maximizing your budget along the way.

We are Committed to Excellence

IES Build is ready to handle all of your bathroom remodeling needs in a timely manner.

Our mission is to create immediate equity for owners and investors in every project. We do this by protecting you from price gouging and unnecessary cost over-runs. We combine our extensive building and transaction experience with wholesale pricing to deliver the highest value for our clients. 

We provide free project evaluations and quotes with no obligation!